Praising and Giving Thanks Open the Door to Life

He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from troubles.(Proverb 21:23)

He who guars his mouth keep his life, but he who opens wide his lips come to ruin.(Proverb 13:3).

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These Scriptures verify that the person who guards his words can keep himself from ruin, but the person who does not guard his words can bring destruction into his life own life.                                                                                                                                                                           When the Israelites went into the wilderness, one of the problems God had to repeatedly deal with them about was complaining. It was an eleven-day journey from Egypt to the promise land (see Deut.1:2), but after four decades the Israelites were still wandering in the wilderness of death and destruction.                                                                                              On the other hand, Jesus went into the wilderness if his affliction with a great attitude. He continued to praise God no matter what, refusing to complain, and as a result God raised Him from death to new life.

That should be a lesson to us. We should guard against the temptation to complain and grumble, and instead purposely choose to offer up the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.(Heb. 13:15 KJV).

 …………………………We can complain and remain, or praise and be raised……………………………………………


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To let our emotins and feeling rule us is very, very immature, it’s not our hormones that make us depressed it’s what we have set our minds on. Because your emotional state is a choice, if you are drepressed today, you chose to be depressed. you may not have sat down and said ” I want to be deopressed,” but you chose to think on things that made you depressed. phillipians 4:8 & Colossians 3:2.